Requesting Flower Arrangements/Banner for Celebrations or Funerals from Kahrizak Charity Foundation

Condolence Banners in lieu of flowers …..

Together, lets promote the culture of using these types of banners.


شناسه: 100011


شناسه: 100010


شناسه: 100009


شناسه: 100008

You can order artificial flower arrangements, stands and/or banner to be sent to celebrations or funerals.


The cost of a flower arrangement will benefit 2850 of our residents and patients.  By participating in this good deed, you will be also promoting this great idea.


To order our banners and/or stands, please contact us 24 hours prior to the event date by calling 42114 (ext. 201) or 66573720-21 & 09018063292 7 days a week between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.