Requesting a Kahrizak Donation Box

One of the ways for individuals and businesses to become involved with Karizak Charity Foundation is installing a large or placing a small donation box in their homes, offices or place of business.


Placing a donation box in your home, your place of work or business is an indication of your level of social responsibility and your interest in promoting kindness and humanity in your community while creating a positive image in the mind of those who come into contact with you.


Kahrizak Charity Foundation has a small table top and a larger donation box that can be installed depending on the location and space available to you.  Many of the larger donation boxes have been installed in places like hospitals, clinics, banks, shopping centres, airports, schools and educational institutions.


To promote this humanitarian initiative, you can recommend to other organization to join this chain of goodwill and support the disabled, elderly, children with neurological impairment and MS patients by installing one of these donation boxes in their location.


We are grateful to you and appreciate your willingness to support Kahrizak Charity Foundation by placing one of these donation boxes in your home, place of work or business.


For more information and to receive a donation box, please contact:

88848189 or text “9” to 02142114