Online Donations

Please Note: Holder of all types of bank/debit cards of any of the banks in Iran can make online payments here to Parsian Bank or Saman Bank.  In order to make online payments, please complete the form below as shown with the information required.

Please Note the Following:

  • Field indicated with a * is compulsory
  • In the event that you want your receipt sent to you, please provide your email address or postal address in the field indicated and enter your donation code in the Comments field.
  • In the event that you wish your donation to be used for a particular purpose, please indicate your wish in the Type of Donation field.
  • Sacrificial lamb 6,000,000 Rials
  • Aghigheh lamb, 6,500,000 Rials
  • Eid ul-Adha lamb, ………………….
  • If you want an Aghigheh lamb, please indicate the name and the father’s name of the person for who the sacrifice is made in the Comment field.

God Bless