Legal Matters and Donation of Property

Legal Matters and Donation of Property

The Legal Department, with more than two decades of valuable experience in providing appropriate means of donation of property such as house, condo, land, farm and or share of inheritance by donors, as well as bank account and investments, is able to facilitate donations of property to Kahrizak Charity Foundation in a timely and efficient manner.

Through the Legal Department of Kahrizak Charity Foundation, you can ensure that you have left a legacy of compassion and goodwill before reaching a stage when weakness and inability to make decisions become an obstacle in carrying out your wishes.

It is best to act swiftly and firmly once you know in your heart what is the right action. One never knows what tomorrow will bring and one may lose the opportunity to do good.


Did you know that:

  • Donating property and investments to the charity will not cost you and all expenses will beborne by the charity.
  • You can keep any and all income from these donations for yourself or your spouse while any of you are alive and benefit from all the proceeds.

In addition to benefitting from the proceeds of the donations, donors of property or bank investment will also receive supportive services from Kahrizak Charity Foundation.