Residential Complexes

Residential complexes for residents (amid & Omid)

One of the unique features of Karizak Charity Foundation is offering of housing units for the disabled resident couples.  Marriage requests of young male and female residents are reviewed in a committee comprised of experts and charity administrators.  In cases where their request is accepted, specialized housing units are provided for them.  These units are built so that their physical needs in terms of their disability are taken into consideration and suits their needs.  The cost of construction and furnishing these units were paid for by patrons.

Omid Complex

In 1979  with donations from a benefactor, building of 20 residential units for disabled resident couples began and were ready for occupancy in 1981.  In addition to other necessities, these units have a private laundry room and a small outdoor patio.  This complex is built on a 1350 sq. m. lot and each unit has an area of 60 sq .m.  As of 2001, this complex was re-designed to accommodate elderly residents who could live independently.

Amid Complex

In 1999, with donations from a couple who resided abroad, building of residential units for disabled residents commenced.  Omid Complex has 25 units, each with one bedroom, a living & a dinning room, kitchen and bathroom suited to their needs.

Golha Complex

This complex consists on 54 residential units for the permanent staff who need to be present at the sanitorium at any given time and their families. This complex is built of a 25,300 sq. m. lot and was ready for use in 1993.  This complex includes:

  • 30 one story units with an area of 110 sq. m. each
  • 12 one story units with an area of 80 sq. m. each
  • 12 suites with an area of 60 sq. m. each