Health & Rehabilitation Units

Health & Rehabilitation Units

Health Unit includes:

  • Clinic

This unit, with a 30-year general and specialized  medical experience provided by volunteers, provides services by 13 general practitioners, 15 para medical staff and 4 administrative staff using advanced medical practice in a 1,235 sq. m. facility.  There is also ongoing contact with numerous medical partners for providing health services to the residents and staff of the sanitorium as well as local residents of nearby communities.

Clinic Facilities:

  • General and specialized clinics include internal medicine, endoscopy, colonoscopy, cardiovascular, neurology, psychiatry, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, ophthalmology & optometry, gynecology, dentistry, prosthesis lab, technical orthopedics, diagnostic lab (biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, endocrinology & parasitology)
  • Radiology including radiography, ultrasound, echocardiography & mammography
  • Environmental health & immunization
  • Emergency room and out-patient surgery
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Counselling & referral
  • Pharmacy

Using these facilities, the clinic offers medical services to the residents and staff of the sanitorium as well as local residents of nearby communities.

  • Residents:

The modern approach to healthcare includes taking into account physical, mental, psychological, social, economic and environmental factors that affect health.  To this end, the Health Unit works collaboratively with other units such as nursing, social services and  rehabilitation and provides its services in various locations in the sanitorium such as the different wards, and residential complexes.

  • Staff:

Providing healthcare services for the staff of the sanitorium and their families

  • Resident of nearby communities:

Given lack of medical services in the areas surrounding the sanitorium, the charity provides general and specialized medical and referral services to these residents free of charge

  • Rehabilitation Unit includes:
    • Occupational & rehabilitation workshops
    • Cultural (reading, educational centre, museum)
    • Homecare team
    • Pourya Vali Sports Complex
    • Occupational & rehabilitation workshops
  • Rehabilitation workshops

These workshops located on 4,000 sq. m. in 4 floors was started by the Ladies Charitable Society in 1980 with the aim of providing occupational therapy and rehabilitation for the residents and has gradually expanded over the years.

  • Physiotherapy

This unit provides hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, magnotherapy, occupational therapy, audiometry, speech therapy, psychotherapy, optometry and social work services in a 1,500 sq. m. facility.

  • Occupational Therapy Objectives:
  1. Identifying and developing strengths and talents of the residents
  2. Aligning aspects of life in the sanitorium with the outside world and facilitating reintegration into the society
  3. Providing skills training suitable to the residents’ abilities and interests promoting independence, taking responsibility and financial support
  4. Promoting self confidence
  5. Providing a vibrant and active environment for the residents


Once residents are admitted to the sanitorium, they are placed in the quarantine ward where initial assessments are conducted by the rehabilitation committee.  They are later recommended for participation in one of the workshops where they are further evaluated by the instructors in regard to their ability, talent and interest for placement in a particular workshop.

Active Workshops:

Cutting and sewing, embroidery, weaving, knitting, pottery, ceramic & tile, candle making, leather work, inlay, various handicrafts, calligraphy, assembly of electronic parts, simple electrical work, printing, silk screen, computer, framing, cellphone repair, motorcycle part assembly, etc.

While the primary objective of these workshops is occupational therapy, the high quality of some of the items produced, such as clothing items, make them suitable for sale and orders are placed for uniforms by hospitals, schools and factories.  This has become a source of income for the charity.

The following items can be ordered:

Office, school, hospital and factory uniforms, bedsheets, curtains, ceramic items, woven items, inlaid works and leather goods