Cultural Unit

This unit is comprised of:

  • Library
  • Cultural Centre
  • Aftab Building & Museum


  • The library was established in 1994 and is the most active part of the Cultural Unit at the sanitorium with more than 15,000 volumes of books which have been donated. The books at this library are catalogued in accordance with the National Archives standards and are at the disposal of the residents.  Some of the activities at the library include:
  • Teaching & interpretation of the Holy Koran
  • Brail instruction for the visually impaired
  • English language instruction
  • Poetry reading sessions
  • Storytelling by grandparents for young children
  • Daaf musical group
  • Literacy classes
  • Cultural Centre

Some of the activities at this centre conducted and supervised by volunteers include:

  • Music & choir classes
  • Drama classes
  • Excursion tours
  • Calligraphy
  • Aftab Building & Museum
  • Aftab Building

The Ladies Charitable Society secured the resources to commence construction of this complex in 2005 and it was completed in 2009 with an area of 2,200 sq. m.  This is a multi-purpose building.  The museum is located on the 2nd floor and a debriefing room and the homecare unit is located on the 1st floor in a 550sq.m. area. The daily care team in this complex address comprehensive health and rehabilitation services needs of 3,000 homecare patients.

Land area: 13,000 sq. m.

Constructed space: 2,200 sq. m.

Completion year: 2009

  • Museum

It was the intent of the Ladies Charitable Society to leave a legacy of their time with the charity, to this end, they each donated a very valuable personal item, even an heirloom piece that had been in their family for generations to this collection.


The museum named “Legacy of Friends”, wanted to commemorate the benevolence of generations of patrons and donors by collecting these memorabilia.  They watched it grow to a notable collection.  This collection was later moved to Aftab Building as its permanent location and consists of more than 2,500 unique and valuable pieces.

Start date: 1991

Expansion: 2002

Completion: 2009


The museum located on the 2nd floor of Aftab Building is equipped with close circuit television, natural and remote control artificial light portals, fire resistant doors and ventilation system with humidity control.


The museum is listed among the country’s cultural heritage collections and serves as a spiritual centre for the charity. Some of the items donated to the museum date back as far as the early Persian Empire as well as modern works of art; each representing in its own way an aspect of Iranian life, art and culture.


Items include old handwritten and printed manuscripts, valuable paintings, embroidery, tapestry, inlaid work, carpets, antiques, jewelry, old coin and stamp collections, crystals, china, silks, many from private collections of donors.

  1. واحد اداری
  2. خوابگاههای مددجویان (22 بخش)
  3. واحد های حوزه  اجرایی (آشپزخانه، سردخانه، رختشویخانه، زیباسازی و فضای سبز، نقلیه ، بازرسی )
  4. واحدهای حوزه توانبخشی و سلامت (درمانگاه، مراقبتهای ویژه، توانبخشی،فیزیوتراپی و..)
  5. شهرک‎ ها ( امید، عمید وگلها)
  6. واحد فرهنگی (کتابخانه، سرای فرهنگی و سالن اجتماعات ، مهد کودک ، مسجد و مدارس دخترانه و پسرانه ، ساختمان آفتاب و گنجینه یادمان یاران)
  7. ساختمان مهر (سالن غذاخوری کارکنان، سالن غذاخوری مددجویان، مرکز توانبخشی)
  8. مجتمع ورزشی (پوریای ولی)