Administrative Building

This 2-story building has an area of 1,300 sq. m. and includes the following departments:

Management, public relations, finance, human resources, IT & procurement


  • Management:

Mr. Mohammadreza Soufinejad has managed the sanitorium since 1998.  Departments under his supervision are:

  • Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Executive
  • Administrative & finance


  • Public Relations:

The primary responsibility of this department is ensuring proper and coordinated communication between different groups and the sanitorium which includes director, management, staff, residents, volunteers, donors and visitors.  Informing the community and the larger society of the charity’s activities, events, strengths and needs as well as welcoming and hosting visitors from the scientific and social disciplines, organizing special events and celebrations are also among the responsibility of this department.


  • Finance & Accounting

Protecting and safeguarding the charity’s assets, analyzing the organization’s performance and providing reports to managing director and the board of directors, fund allocation, cash follow management and cost savings are among the responsibilities of this department.


  • Human Resources & Secretariat

All matters related to personal, hiring, human resource management, programming and work hours with optimum efficiency and in coordination with management are the responsibilities delegated to this department.


  • IT

Maintaining connectivity between all the different departments and units of the charity through an up-to-date computer network and improving productivity and efficiency as well as providing the needed software and hardware is the primary role of this department.


  • Procurement

Procuring supplies needed by the various units of the charity at very competitive prices and in close partnership with grassroots groups.

  1. واحد اداری
  2. خوابگاههای مددجویان (22 بخش)
  3. واحد های حوزه  اجرایی (آشپزخانه، سردخانه، رختشویخانه، زیباسازی و فضای سبز، نقلیه ، بازرسی )
  4. واحدهای حوزه توانبخشی و سلامت (درمانگاه، مراقبتهای ویژه، توانبخشی،فیزیوتراپی و..)
  5. شهرک‎ ها ( امید، عمید وگلها)
  6. واحد فرهنگی (کتابخانه، سرای فرهنگی و سالن اجتماعات ، مهد کودک ، مسجد و مدارس دخترانه و پسرانه ، ساختمان آفتاب و گنجینه یادمان یاران)
  7. ساختمان مهر (سالن غذاخوری کارکنان، سالن غذاخوری مددجویان، مرکز توانبخشی)
  8. مجتمع ورزشی (پوریای ولی)