Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium

Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium is a small “city”  in itself.  It is a place where dreams are made and aspirations are realized.  The primary aim of Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium is not just care of the elderly and the disabled, but rather to enable the disabled and the elderly resident to live independent of their shortcomings and lead empowered lives.

Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium

A centre for care and rehabilitation of the disabled and the elderly.

A humanitarian foundation based on compassion

Non-governmental, non-profit, grassroots


Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium, with God’s help and through benevolence of donors and benefactors, cares for over 1750 disabled, elderly and MS patients in a facility located on 42 hectares of land and more than 180,000 sq. m. of constructed space.  Today, with the help of staff and volunteers in 24 male and female wards including quarantine, healthcare, 5 residences (Narvan, Banafsheh, Yas for MS patients, Arghavan and Shokoufeh) addresses healthcare, rehabilitation, educational, cultural and sports needs of its residents.

  • The cost for buildings and facilities have all been paid by donors and benefactors.
  • Staff: 904 as of March 2016
  • Volunteers: 650 women and 250 men on a regular basis and 3000 with direct and indirect contribution locally and abroad

To date: 2016/2017

Area: 42 hectares

Constructed space: 180,000 sq. m.

Capacity: 1750

Paid staff: 904


  • Administrative Unit
  • Patients residences: 22 wards
  • Facilities: kitchen, cold room, laundry, gardening & landscaping, transportation, inspection
  • Healthcare & rehabilitation: medical clinic, special care, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Residential complexes: Omid, Amid, Golha
  • Cultural: library, auditorium, daycare, mosque, school, museum
  • Mehr building: staff dining room, patients dining room, rehabilitation centre
  • Sports complex