Services in the Seniors Group

Rehabilitation and Residential Care:

This center provides the elderly with a decent living and provides educational, recreational, therapeutic and care services to preserve their dignity and empathy. In this group, in addition to care of the elderly, rehabilitation services include: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, hearing aid, psychology, speech therapy and nursing to improve their lives.

Admission Requirements:

  • Over 60 years of age
  • Consent from individual or the legal guardian
  • Completion of legal process and providing appropriate documents to the Aid Centre
  • Non-Prohibitive Conditions

Admission Process:

  1. Submitting an application for a patient’s stay and providing preliminary registration documents
  2. Initial assessment of the patient by the assessment team including a doctor, psychologist and social worker (Based on registration priority and after notification from centre’ social worker)
  3. Formation of an Admission Committee review of the Committee’s opinion on the patient’s admission
  4. Admission (provided all measures related to admission to hospital and the absence of prohibitive conditions and confirmation of the physician that the condition is not acute upon admission)


Prohibitive Conditions:

  1. Addiction to drugs
  2. Hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis or any contagious infectious disease
  3. Acute and emergency condition
  4. Any chronic mental illness and psychiatric disorder
  5. Cognitive impairment (advanced dementia, Alzheimer’s), especially if the patient is mobile
  6. Having a criminal record and antisocial behavior
  7. Incurable diseases
  8. Diseases requiring specialized hospital care


  • Reaching a level of ability to live with the family by providing a suitable platform for receiving rehabilitation Home Care or Day Care services
  • Upon admission, in case of occurrence of each of the cases of Prohibitive Conditions, the patient will be discharged from the Care centre.

Home Care:

Providing care, health, treatment, rehabilitation and support services for patients with physical disability (Patients with spinal cord, MS, stroke and congenital cerebral palsy) who are unable to come to the centre. In these cases, the rehabilitation team will provide effective intervention and provide services in the fields of medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, education, social and psychology individually or in groups at the patient’s home. Members of the rehabilitation team include: physician, nurse, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech therapist and nutritionist.

Admission Requirements:

  • Over 60 years of age
  • Presence of appropriate psychological and social conditions for intervention by a service team at the home.
  • Any elderly who loses his or her independence, in such a way that continued home accommodation is subject to rehabilitation, can use this service.
  • Patients who are unable to visit the center due to a physical, psychological or mental problem


Transfer to Day Care and daily rehabilitation

Admission to Residential Care or hospital

Transfer to patient’s residence outside Treatment Team’s jurisdiction

Unwillingness of the patient and family to continue treatment

Focus of the Elderly Day Care:

The main focus of the service is provision of educational, rehabilitation, health, treatment and supportive services to the elderly individual requesting admission to the Day Rehabilitation and Educational Centre with the aim of maintaining physical health, identifying weaknesses and strengths, improving upon identified skills, providing incentive, increasing work capability, strengthening social interaction, raising the quality of the elder’s relationship with his or her family and creating an overall sense of wellbeing and joy.

By providing social, rehabilitation and treatment services, this centre helps in increasing the level of self-reliance and preventing deterioration of capabilities in the elder.

This centre provides services weekdays, except for holidays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  This gives the senior the opportunity to benefit from communal living while enjoying life at home.

Point 1: Daily Educational and rehabilitation services foe men are provided on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; and Saturday, Monday and Wednesday for women.

Other Services in Addition to Educational & Rehabilitation Services:

  • Recreational & amusing programs
  • Religious and touristic tours
  • Gym
  • Walking
  • Celebrations
  • Movie viewing and sharing memories
  • Calligraphy, pottery, art, carpet weaving, theatre, inlaid handicrafts

Admission Requirements:

  • Over 60 years of age
  • Absence of contagious and infectious diseases cognitive impairment and mental illness
  • Seniors with stable conditions who do not have difficulty with daily tasks
  • Seniors who require support for improving their social skills and need social stimulation
  • Seniors who suffer from depression, anxiety, early stages of dementia, memory impairment and would benefit from the services provided at this cenre
  • Patients who require rehabilitation and social services are placed on a priority list.
  • Provision of services is contingent upon the family’s and patient’s willingness to participate.
  • Once appropriate conditions are present, all services in the three areas of rehabilitation, education and social services will be provided daily.
  • The workshop program will be designed based on the patient’s needs and abilities.
  • The rehabilitation team consists of, physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nutritionist, audiologist, nurse, mobility therapist and social worker.
  • Transfer from rehabilitation and Home Care to education and rehabilitation to Day Care for patients who have moved from a bedridden state to the point that they can leave the house
  • The patient’s need for rehabilitation intervention which requires use of equipment at the centre
  • Day Visit patients who require intervention by various rehabilitation groups on a long-term basis according to a specific program


  • When the rehabilitation team deems that the senior has reached a stage that he or she no longer requires services of this centre and can either utilize services offered by Day Visit or Residential Care.
  • When the senior or his or her family are no longer interested in the services.
  • In the event that, according to the diagnostic team, the patient has reached a point that he or she can no longer attend the centre and having met the criteria, may be transferred to Home Care for rehabilitation services at home
  • The patient is admitted to the sanitorium