Rehabilitation and Polyclinic Services Centre

This building is being used on three floors and an infrastructure of 5475 square meters for the purpose of providing the necessary rehabilitation and treatment services to clients.

The centre serves as a comprehensive centre and referral centre providing services at Dr. Hakimzadeh Clinic; with specialized orthopedic, internal medicine, pediatric, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), cardiology, neurology and psychiatry and physical medicine clinics (Electromyogram), ophthalmology clinic (Located in the basement) dentistry and hearing test clinics (Located on the ground floor) is available 24 hours a day to serve patients.

Day Visit

Providing clinical, paraclinical and rehabilitation services to patients 24 hours a day

Clinical Services: Medical – Dentistry – Nursing – Electrocardiogram – Electromyogram – Echocardiogram

Paraclinical Services: Laboratory – Radiology (Ultrasound – Bone Densitometry – Full Dental X-Ray – Mammogram)

Rehabilitation Services: Physiotherapy – Occupational Therapy – Hearing Test – Speech Therapy – Psychology – Vision

  • Patients are primarily seen by the physicians. In case the patient needs clinical, paraclinical and rehabilitation services, they will be referred to the relevant units.

Discharge Conditions:

  1. Referral to the hospital for special care
  2. Referral to Imaging Centre
  3. Does need treatment or rehabilitation
  4. Patient does not want to continue treatment