Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium – Alborz Province

Due to growing urban population in 2002, Province of Alborz, Kahrizak Charity Centre; began its work relying on community-based knowledge and experience, and modern rehabilitation service models such as Home Care, Day Care and Residential rehabilitation.

In 2002, with efforts of the philanthropists and benefactors and based on the practical knowledge and experience from Kahrizak N Sanitorium in Tehran and depending on the latest scientific and medical achievements and extensive community-based rehabilitation interventions, the project of the Nursing Home located in Mohammad Shahr Karaj became operational. The complex operates in an area of 80,000 square meters and 60,000 square meters of constructed space in seven specialized centres focused on the two sites of the eastern campus and western campus:

  • Aghaghia Building (Dr. Hakimzadeh Clinic)
  • Yaas Building (Comprehensive Centre for Rehabilitation of Disabled)
  • Laleh Building (Male Care Centre)
  • Rose Building (Female Care Centre)
  • Niloofar Building (Comprehensive Centre for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children)
  • Golha Building (Elderly Suites)
  • Shaghayegh Building (Cultural-Recreational Complex)