Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society

Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society


Karaj Ladies Charitable Society was formed in November 2007 through the effort of a group of compassionate and caring individuals in order to utilize the potential of women in advancing the project. The society has attracted more than 1,500 volunteers from various segments of the community during this time. It should be noted that the management and members work entirely on a volunteer basis without any monetary compensation with the aim of alleviating human suffering. Kahrizak Ladies Charitable Society of Karaj, in an astonishing feat and with impressive management, was able to complete the 154-person capacity amphitheatre building in the Karaj complex, which plays a key role in rendering training and services, within 3 months and at a cost of 104 million Toomans (~ $ 35,000).


Opening of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Care Services for Children

This building which consists of 3 floors with an area of 9,000 sq. m. was opened for use in September 2003 through the hard work of the Ladies Charitable Society. The building has 83 rooms and auditorium with the aim of providing rehabilitation to disabled children. All services are provided on a 24-hour basis for eligible children under the age of 14. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, hydrotherapy, medical & psychological consultation, art & educational workshops, library & gymnasium are available.


Activities of Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society include:

  • Working in the children’s daycare as assistants
  • Assisting in feeding of the children in the 24-hour Care Centre
  • Assisting in bathing children and the elderly in the 24-hour Care Centre
  • Assisting in Day Care Centre as art instructors
  • Organizing gatherings and group activities on various occasions
  • Sewing & sale of clothing as a fundraising tool to meet the needs of the children
  • Providing needed items for Niloofar Children’s Building
  • Organizing Charity Bazaars as fundraising to meet the needs of the children
  • Sewing clothing, bedding, etc. for the children use in their sewing workshops


Niloofar Bag Project

In the Niloofar Bag Project by the Ladies Charitable Society, bags with Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society’s logo, containing a list of some basic items needed by the children, is distributed in various schools and offices. Interested individuals fill the bags with the items on the list and return them. These items will be sorted and stored in the charity’s warehouse for later use and receipts issued to donors.


Milk & More Project

Milk & More Project was started in support of the physically & mentally disabled and autistic children at Alborz Province Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium to address the daily needs of infants and children for milk. 1 liter of milk, 4 glasses, meets the daily needs for milk for 4 children. Interested donors can supply the cost of one liter of milk (2,500 Rials) or more by making deposits to account No. 0101320123007 – card No. 6037691990086209 Saderat Bank in the name of Alborz Province Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium and become a member of the Milk & …. Project.

Furthermore, donors can, in addition to milk, sponsor one or more meals of the children, thus the name Milk & More Project. Funds collected will be used towards purchase of food and other general needs of the children.


Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society Accounts

Saderat Bank: 0101320123007

Card No.: 6037691990086209

Alborz Province Ladies Charitable Society offices:

Unit 19, No. 507, Mehrvilla Building, Daneshamooz Blvd., Mother Square, Karaj

Tel.: + 026- 32754545, + 026-32713121

Alborz Province Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium, Golestanak Blvd., Mohammadshahr, Karj

Tel.: +026-36315934


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