Kahrizak Charity Foundation Ladies Charitable Society


Simultaneous with establishment of Kahrizak Charity Foundation by the late Dr. Mohammad Reza Hakimzadeh, the Tehran Province Ladies Charitable Society was formed through the efforts and initiatives of Ms. Bahadorzadeh, Sister Maria, Ms. Katouzian, Ms. Salehoon and others, providing comprehensive support to the founder of Kahrizak Charity and start of the first charity sanitorium in Tehran for the care of needy disabled and elderly individuals.

Today, with more than 3,000 volunteers inside and outside Iran, it is a major supporter of Kahrizak Charity Foundation. They strive to create a friendly, welcoming and warm environment by filling the void of family life for the patients as well as improving their physical and psychological wellbeing, being an effective partner for the charity to realize its humanitarian goals.

Number of volunteers:

  • More than 2,000 women volunteers work actively on a continuous and direct fashion each month with the Ladies Charitable Society.
  • More than 500 men volunteers work actively on a continuous and direct fashion each month with the Ladies Charitable Society.
  • Currently, Kahrizak Charity has over 150,000 donors in Tehran alone who support the charity with cash and in-kind donations.

Ladies Charitable Society is active in:

  • Kahrizak Sanitorium
  • Ladies Charitable Society Office in Tehran
  • Branche Offices Abroad
  • Kahrizak Sanitorium
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Provision of Service
  • Art, Culture & Education
  • Construction/Renovation

Administrative Affairs:

Ms. Zahra Mesgara is the honorary Executive & Administrative Director of Ladies Charitable Society, managing activities such as coordination of fundraising bazaars, events and gatherings, etc.

Provision of Services:

Each week, 650 women volunteers and 250 men volunteers provide services to the residents and patients at the sanitorium. These services include bathing, hygiene, feeding and offering solace …. such that more than 50% of nursing duties are carried out by these volunteers. This not only reduces charity’s expenses considerably, it also helps create a peaceful, pleasant and caring environment for the residents and personnel. Another aspect of this group’s work is provision of supplies needed by the Welfare Committee at the sanitorium.

Arts, Culture & Education:

These activities include managing and teaching literacy classes, Koran, English, Brail, poetry reading, speech therapy, art therapy (theatre), music therapy, occupational therapy, sewing, knitting, carpet weaving, various arts and crafts, pottery, gardening, leatherwork, etc. Making arrangements for weddings between young residents, providing furniture and other household needed items and organizing social events for special occasions, are among other supports this group provides.


Just as the Charitable Ladies Society has played a significant role in providing humanitarian services at the sanitorium, they have also played a crucial role in leaving a legacy in the form of needed improvement and construction of buildings and facilities.

  • Ladies Charitable Society Office in Tehran
  • Administrative Services
  • Financial & Economic Services
  • Cultural Achievements
  • International/Outside the country Activities

Administrative Services

Outreach and communication between the charity and the community for attracting support and donations from the public is one of the important services provided by this group. As well, they facilitate communication with charity’s offices outside of the country and organize tours of the facility for visitors.

Financial & Economic Services:

The Ladies Charitable Society runs weekly bazaars (receiving and selling new and used items twice a week). They also oversee cash and in-kind donations to the charity, participate in export fairs and expos to promote the charity and raise funds for construction and provision of needed equipment in various wards.

International/Outside the country Activities

This group, as an NGO, earned the position of “Special Consultant” to the United Nation’s Economic & Social Council “ECOSCO” in 1998. Some of their activities abroad include:

  • Communication with United Nation’s offices and diplomatic missions in Iran in order to promote and raise awareness about Kahrizak;
  • Participation in international conferences on aging, disability and MS;
  • Organizing the first conference on aging in Iran in 1999 and follow-up on implementation of recommendations of the conference.
  • Forming the “Aging Council” in the Parliament and
  • Creating the field of geriatric medicine at medical science universities as a specialized field of study.

Cultural Achievements:

  • Receiving an Appreciation Plaque” from Mr. Khatami, the President of Iran at that time, in 1998 as the best NGO established and managed by women;
  • Publishing 3 volumes of collection of articles from the 1st “International Conference on Aging” in Iran in 2000
  • Publishing “Wayfarers of the Road of Love” in 2002 documenting the work of the Ladies Charitable Society by Ms. Ashraf Ghandehari (Bahadorzadeh);
  • Selection of “Wayfarers of the Road of Love” as the best literary work of 2005 at the first “Parvin Etesami Literary Conference” and receiving this award from Mr. Masjed Jameie, Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance and Ms. Zahra Shojaie, The President’s Consultant on Women’s Affairs.
  • Publishing the “Non-Profit Management Guidebook” translated by Ms. Nahid Shoroughi (member) in 2005.
  • Receiving the humanitarian “WANGO” (World Association of Non Governmental Organizations) award in 2005, being selected among 360 countries for the exceptional history of their growth, cohesion and perseverance during 35 years of service.
  • Awarding the “Exceptional Women” Statue to Ms. Ashraf Ghandehari (Bahadorzadeh) by President Ahmadinejad on Women’s Day celebration in 2006.
  • International/Outside the country Activities

The Ladies Charitable Society began its work outside Iran through its affiliates in 1990 with the aim of raising awareness and support for Kahrizak Charity Foundation. Branches in London, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Toronto have been active and effective in fundraising for the charity in Iran through organizing, gatherings, Bazaars and various events. It should be noted that all these branches are officially registered charities and benefit from tax exemptions.

How to contact us:

Tehran Ladies Charitable Society

Tel.: +22715628, +22712006

Fax: +22701059, +22701832

Address: No. 3, Setareh Lane, Bagh Ferdows, Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 19617

Account No.: 1489/86 Sepah Bank, Shemiran Branch Code 192

Email: csngo@neda.net

London, UK Tel.: +(207-44)794-2288

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San Jose, US Tel.: +(408)996-7074

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Toronto, CN, Tel.: +(416) 221-3090

Construction/Renovation at Kahrizak Sanitorium

No. Construction/Renovation Start




1 2 Large shower/bath facilities (men’s & Women’s) 1973 1974
2 Rehabilitation Building, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Workshops 1977 1980
3 Omid Complex (20 assisted living units for disabled couples) 1979 1981
4 Mehrab Noor Mosque 1980 1981
5 Banafsheh-1 Women’s 100-bed Ward for the Elderly 1982 1989
6 Golha Complex (54 residential units for some staff with families) 1988 1993
7 Arghavan-1 Disabled Girls’ 100-bed unit 1991 1995
8 “Yadman Yaran” Collection (valuable donated items) 1994 1995
9 Amid Complex (25 assisted living units for disabled couples) 1995 1998
10 Expansion of Mehrab Noor Mosque to 950 sq. m. 1996 1998
11 Administrative Building – 1,300 sq. m. 1997 1998
12 Mehr Building, disabled & personnel dinning room, 2,600 sq. m.

Expansion of Rehabilitation Building to 1,400 sq. m.

2000 2003
13 Renovation of the late Dr. Hakimzadeh’s grave site 2001 2002
14 Semi-buried water tank of 3,000-liter capacity 2002 2005
15 Gol Yaas Building (specialized MS building) 5,000 sq. m. 2002 2005
16 Expansion of “Yadman Yaran” Collection to 800 sq. m. 2003 2004
17 Expansion of industrial kitchen to 1,000 sq. m. 2003 2004
18 Renovation of Nursing and Social Services ward to 250 sq. m. 2003 2004
19 6 large green spaces/parks/gardens within the sanitorium site with sprinkler system