Kahrizak Charity Foundation Finances

Expenses & projects of the charity during the past several years:

 Year  Income  Expenses  
 Other   Donations  
2010 15% 85% 199.2
2011 18% 82% 246.1
2012 16% 84% 289.8
2013 16% 84% 374
2014 15% 85% 8/509
2015 21% 79% 8/632
2016 24% 76% 6/521
  • All amounts are in billion Rials

Expenses & projects of the charity are funded through various means including:

  • Regular monthly or one-time cash and kind donations by supporters
  • Income from donated properties or valuable items
  • Payment of a nominal amount by some of the families of the residents
  • Income from sale of items produced by the residents at various workshops of the charity
  • Income from activities of the Ladies Charitable Society inside and outside the country either in cash or in kind
  • Income from sale of second hand donated items
  • Other sources of funds are from the Welfare Organization and some insurance companies for some of the insured disabled or elderly patients as subsidy

In total, more than 86% of the funds needed for operation of the charity are provided by charitable and humanitarian donations from inside and outside the country. The remaining 14% is in the form of assistance from: Welfare Organization, the Red Crescent, Imam Khomeini Assistance Committee, the President’s Institution and insurance companies in the form of subsidy.

  • Note to businesses & industry: In accordance with Article 172 of the “Donation by Real & Legal Persons Act”, all cash and kind donations to the charity are tax deductible for the donation year.
  • Note: The Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors, in addition to monetary and leadership support, are responsible for efficacious expenditure of the budget and optimal performance in fulfilling the intentions of the donors.