Specialized Clinics


Through a standard initial triage procedure, patients are referred to specialists in this field for treatment.  This unit is equipped with computerized Heidelberg OCT, auto refractometer, lensometry, slit lamp, scan and ophthalmoscope.

Having begun the first phase of building a comprehensive eye clinic, going forward with phases 2 & 3 and bringing into the clinic Lasik, capsulectomy and other equipment, this centre will become one of the best equipped eye clinics in Tehran.



Stress tests, Doppler echo cardiograph, 24-hour Holter monitoring, blood pressure and ECG are among services provided in this unit.


Otolaryngology and Audiometry

Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses as well as children’s and adult audiometry are carried out using standard and up-to-date methods and equipment.


Internal Medicine

Gastrointestinal diseases (endoscopy & colonoscopy) pulmonary diseases (spirometry), endocrine diseases, rheumatology, hematology, parasitology among others are addressed in this unit.



(EEG, NCV, EMG) and specialized services related to brain and other organs  are provided.



All ailments related to arms, legs and body pain, using diagnostic procedures, rehabilitation and day surgery are addressed.


Other Clinics

Urology, Pediatrics, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Infertility




Consultation Clinics:

  • Addiction through counselling and medication (UROD & ROD)
  • Psychology: family, career, academic, etc.



Daily meal plans, weigh loss and specific diets for various conditions, etc.


24-Hour Emergency Room

Staffed by specialists in emergency medicine, cardiology, etc.


Laser & Cosmetic Clinic

Laser therapy (medical & cosmetic) using ILP-300 Plus equipment with appointment by experienced dermatologists


Other Highly Specialized Clinics

Services are provided by specialists in retina, orbit, gastrointestinal, rheumatology, neurology, pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, oncology, radiotherapy.