Rehabilitation Clinics

Rehabilitation Clinics


This units has 18 beds with electrotherapy, mechanotherapy compartments as well as laser therapy.  Services are available during 2 work shifts and this clinic is the largest physiotherapy clinic in the area.


Speech Therapy

Delayed speech, lisping, clef palette and …. learning disability, voice quality (hoarseness), speech impediments resulting from stroke, brain damage, concussion, hearing loss, dental or mandibular complications and clef lip are among problems addressed in this clinic.



Sale and repair as well as filling prescription for a variety of regular and sun glasses such as anti-reflection, chromic, photochromic and regular anti-reflection plexiglass at government rates are available.



Hearing test with advanced equipment and all types of digital and analogue hearing aid are available.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services (physical & mental) with the aim of improving health and wellbeing of individuals who have suffered from, or are at risk of suffering from disease, damage or loss, physical handicap, disability or damage, or limited mobility and activity.





Technical Orthopedics

this branch of the medical field deals with building of prosthesis as well as training of patients in their proper use for improving the use of the damaged limb and thereby create a shift their lifestyle.


Psychological Counselling

This unit provides services to address the needs in areas of behavioral disorder, career, academic and family counselling using psychotherapist and counsellors.  Individuals can receive services by booking an appointment.