Operating Room & Surgery Ward

Operating Room

At this centre, all general, gynecology, orthopedic, ENT, dermatology, cosmetic & plastic and urology surgeries are performed.


Operating Room & Surgery Ward

The surgery department consists of operating room and recovery room with the most modern and specialized equipment.

This section is also equipped with monitor, ventilator, portable and central suction, microscope for ENT, phaco, double cuff tourniquet, cystoscopy, TUR, electroshock and pace maker devices.

The surgery ward at this centre has private and semi private rooms with multiple beds equipped with oxygen, central suction, call-bell, and other facilities for patients and accompanying family members.

At this centre, the patients at Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium and donors can undergo surgery with referrals from relevant sources.  Here, needs of the charity in this regard are addressed at the level of private health care system.