Kahrizak Charity Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and grassroots organization.

It is a place to thrive, not just survive. A place for compassion and benevolence to fellow human beings.  There is no other place like it.

It is place with a history of close to half a century of service to the elderly and disabled members of the society. A safe haven for the truly needy.

Our generous donors provide the financial resources that are used to fulfill the mandate of the charity.


The late Dr. Mohammad Reza Hakimzadeh, a great humanitarian, established Kahrizak Charity Foundation through tireless effort and dedication. He was a true visionary and this is how he describes his motivation for providing free care and service to the needy elderly and disabled in his memoires.

” I was the head of Firouzabadi Hospital during 1971-1972.  I remember vividly that whenever I was leaving the hospital, I would see a number of miserable and wretched disabled or elderly individuals lying by the hospital doors.  Although I was the head of the hospital, I was not able to use my influence to admit them to the hospital.  Even if I did, the doctors would reasonably refuse to treat them, because they were either untreatable or needed long term care, taking up beds needed for treating other patients, which the hospital could not provide.

Seeing these helpless people in such misery was unbearable for me.  I decided that I needed to help them in any way I could. Regardless of the consequences, putting my trust in the Almighty, I decided to use the old Aminodolleh Hospital, built by the generous and benevolent Ms. Fakhrodolleh in the village of Kahrizak outside Tehran and had somehow become abandoned for a number of years.  I took a few of the disabled there in the hope of taking care of them with the help of other caring individuals so that they would live out their days with more dignity and comfort.  This, I did.  With the good fortune of miraculously receiving support from a number of individuals, the founding members came together and this foundation was established.  With help of donors, patrons and supporters, the work of caring and providing service began.

After some time, facing lack of adequate space, we were able to begin construction of the sanitorium on 28,000 sq. m of land donated by the generous late Haj Hassan Mohammadi on July 24, 1973.”

Today, the Kahrizak Charity Sanitorium operates out of a sprawling 420,000 sq. m. area with 180,000 sq. m. of constructed space that includes numerous residential buildings for its elderly and disabled residents and various buildings for workshops, rehabilitation facilities, gymnasium, specialized MS unit, amphitheater, library green spaces and much more. The majority of building have had patrons who paid for their construction.