Central Headquarters


The Central Headquarters is the pulse of Kahrizak Charity Foundation.  The late Messer. Javad and Hadi Golnaraghi donated the property for the central headquarters, and today it is the centre for organizing and coordinating the activities of all the affiliate units of the charity through planning and work groups lead by the CEO (managing directors) serving various needs of the organization. Setting out overall policies and strategies of the organization, communicating directives, support and supervision, assessment and revisions for improving quality and standard of the organization and its affiliates are the major responsibilities of the central organization.

Property and Real Estate Unit

Laying the groundwork for the best use of donated properties and real estate in order to supplement part of the budget of the organization is the main activity of this unit.  Since many of our supporters donate their property to the charity, the income from those properties belongs to the donors during their lifetime.  However, some of our donors put this income at the disposal of the charity.  This unit operates under the direct supervision and guidance of the Board of Directors and may engage in demolition and reconstruction or renovation of some of these properties in order to maximize their value for the purpose of lease or rent.  It should be noted that the administrative aspects and transfer of these properties in relation to relevant governmental agencies and departments are also among the responsibilities of this unit.

Public and International Relations

The Public Relations Unit of Kahrizak Charity Foundation, through providing and maintaining open channels of communication and encouraging teamwork and cooperation among personnel, strives to promote and advance the goals and objectives of the charity, and specific and deliberate action to influence public opinion and continued reminder to other organizations and institutions of their social responsibility on the one hand, and informing the various sectors of the society of all the different services provided by the charity on the other.

Kahrizak Monthly

“Kahrizak” educational, promotional and social monthly publication aims to promote reading while providing the intended community with information about services rendered by the charity and in harmony with its mandate.  It strives to maintain a dynamic course while addressing the needs of the public, specially those involved in care, education and rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled, through providing scientific, educational and practical information.  “Kahrizak” magazine is published monthly with the goal of providing useful information to its readers.

Fundraising Unit

The Fundraising Unit has the responsibility for coordinating, solicitating and attracting public donations and creating suitable avenues for participation of supporters in areas such as donating property and real estate, cash donations and other fundraising initiatives.  The primary objective of this unit is to act as a bridge for connecting different groups in order to strengthen and expand social interaction, humanitarian activities in support of our fellow countrymen and women, and better use of help and services available in promoting health and wellbeing of the elderly and disabled in our society.