Cash Donations

Donors can make donations to the charity through one of the following means. Receipts will be issued for each donation ensuring the funds have reached Kahrizak Charity Foundation.

  • Going to one of the offices of the charity designated for donations

In order to facilitate donation of cash and kind donations, Kahrizak Charity Foundation has set up offices across Greater Tehran Area and Alborz Province where donors will be issued a receipt for their donation.

  • Going directly to one of the mobile units at the fruit and vegetable markets

In coordination with Tehran City Hall and the city council, permits have been issued for erecting a number of mobile units at fruit and vegetable markets. Donors can go to one of the Kahrizak Charity Foundation mobile units and make their donations.

  • Bank Deposits

Donors can make cash deposits to accounts listed below, forward their deposit slips to the charity for receiving an official receipt. It is also possible to make deposits through ATM’s of Keshavarsi Bank, Saderat Bank, Melli Bank or Tejarat Bank by selecting “Helping Charities” and then clicking on “Kahrizak” to make a donation

  • Regular monthly donations

Donors can contact 88305565 to make arrangements for regular monthly cash donations. Representatives of the charity, with valid identification cards, come to your location for picking up the donation and providing appropriate receipts. Furthermore, the charity will contact the donor, and having acquired the donor’s consent, his/her name will be added to the list of regular donors.

In order to facilitate donations, donations boxes of varying sizes are available for your home and/or place of work. Delivery and pick up of these boxes can be arranged through the charity.

  • Large and medium size boxes

These donation boxes are place in public areas such as subways, hospitals, some pharmacies, healthcare clinics, etc. these boxes will be emptied by authorized persons from the charity with valid ID’s.

  • Small donation boxes for homes & businesses

These donation boxes are intended for use in homes and or businesses. These boxes will be collected by authorized persons from the charity with valid ID’s.

  • Flower stands & wreaths

Kahrizak charity’s flower stands and wreaths for funerals and to convey condolences is a very compassionate way to show the bereaved family your empathy with their loss. Our flower stands and wreaths not only show your deep sympathy, but also how much you value humanistic and Islamic principles of charity and goodwill. By giving the charity’s flower stand or wreath, you will also bring blessing to the bereaved family as well as your own family.

By purchasing the charity’s flower stands and wreaths and therefore donating part of the cost, you will also be giving a helping hand to those needy and less fortunate. Kahrizak will send on your behalf with you name, the flowers or wreath to the intended recipient. Certainly, your flowers or wreath will be more impressive and memorable because of its significance. Should you wish to order a Kahrizak charity flower stand or wreath, please call 42114 ext. 310, 88321654 or 88306069.

Online donations:

You can make cash donations in one of the following ways.:

  • Going to one of our offices in he city
  • Deposit to any of the charity’s accounts for support of the disabled and MS patients
  • Dialing *770*444# on your mobile phone
  • Paying through membership cards (select online donations in the charity’s website)
  • ATM deposits using 6037691199500158

Dear donor, our organization is committed to the highest level of accountability and transparency to our donors and stakeholders. We are vigilant about documenting all donations, therefore, please fax your deposit slip to 32848988 and include your particulars, or call us directly and inform us of your donation directly.